-Controls power usage of moored boats to eliminate breaker trips of dock power supply

-User configurable amperage level controls

-Up to eight systems can be controlled by one unit


Boats docked on shore, connected to dock power leads, often blow circuit breakers due to excessive current requirements of onboard equipment. Refrigeration units, heaters, lighting, and pumping systems, especially such systems which activate automatically on a timed basis have the potential to create an amp load that exceeds the dock power systems ability to deliver it.


Build a simple system to alleviate the problem of triggering deck power circuit breaker systems by optimizing power usage by boat equipment during moorage.


The ShoreMaxtm power dock power optimization system uses smart circuit design to eliminate overload conditions in dock power lines. Features include:

ADVANCED CURRENT MONITOR. By monitoring and cycling power to boat maintenance equipment, a user set amperage limit is never breached.

HIGH CONNECTIVITY. Four devices, with up to eight while using the expansion pack, can be connected to the ShoreMax system to control power cycling operations.

USER CONFIGURABLE. The system is fully user configurable, giving systems that need constant power priority over less essential systems.

ShoreMax is the comprehensive solution to dock power management problems.