After the final prototype has been approved, production of the final design can begin. Even in this end stage, Research Technologies invaluable experience can save your company time, money and frustration. Our industry relationships allow us to secure timely and efficient manufacture of product components, as well as to insure rigorous levels of quality control. Our production experts can most effectively communicate with our manufacturing partners exactly what is required of a given element, and can ensure that if there is an error, it can be quickly corrected. Our in-house staff also excels at final assembly and testing duties, to ensure that the product you receive is exactly what you asked for.

Research Technologies progresses through the four steps of development, from conceptualization, design, prototyping and production to provide to our customers with a coherent product development package. This process, and our team's experience with it, is the most efficient way to move from problem to solution. We have the creative thinking to find the most efficient solution to your problem, and the technical expertise to make it work.