Electronic Level

-Protractor Dial allows angled level function

-LED display ensures level accuracy

-Leveltonetm audio level alert gives non-visual confirmation of level status

-Modular design snaps into wide base aluminum rails


TDi research showed that no improvement had been made in the level industry technologically since the introduction of the bubble level. This design has the inherent analog weaknesses of inconsistent readings, limited accuracy, and inflexibility. We determined that a solution that addressed these weaknesses would make a positive impact in many construction fields.


Develop an electronic level that outperforms in all catergories a bubble level at a competitve price point. Integrate advanced functionality and superior performance without sacrificing ease of use and ergonomics.


The Levelitetm electronic level is a comprehensive solution to the problems and weaknesses of contemporary bubble level design. By utilizing IC sensors to determine level on an electrical basis several advantages have been reaped:

ADJUSTIBLE PROTRACTOR DIAL allows the measurement of any angled surface to great accuracy, with manual angle adjustment or existing angle alignment

LED READOUT eliminates inaccurate "quarter-bubble" and "half-bubble" readings, replacing them with an easy to read digital LED display, that is fully functional in low light conditions.

LEVELTONEtm AUDIBLE ALERT allows use in situations where visually checking level may be difficult.  It gives the user level confirmation with out line of sight, enabling a greater range of tasks.

MODULAR DESIGN makes the measuring element seperate from the rails, allowing the user to have multiple, inexpensive rail systems for differing tasks, while using the same measurement element with easy snap in mounting.

Levelite pushes the state of the art and accomodates a whole new scope of tasks that can be accuratly leveled by hand. Levelite is durable, expandable, accurate and functional. As a matter of fact, it's probably the only level you'll ever need - or want- again.