-Non-Skid Surface

-Low Abrasive Material

-Electrical Insulation


Workers who use ladders in their day to day tasks have observed several problems with the typical folding aluminum rail ladder. Those problems are not being promptly addressed by the ladder manufacturing public, and Research Technologies sees room for improvement.


Design a system that improves the functionality of the typical folding aluminum work ladder. Explore cost effective solutions to improve on all existing ladders, as opposed to making a new ladder with inherent improvements.


LadderGuardstm are a comprehensive solution to several issues with common aluminum sliding rail ladders. Small easy to install rubberized covers for the ends of the rail feet provide these enhanced features:

NON-SKID SURFACE resists slippage on smooth or wet surfaces.

LOW ABRASIVE MATERIAL reduces resting surface damage due to ladder scuffs and shifting. Allows ladder use on more delicately finished materials.

ELECTRICAL INSULATION prevents electric shock by insulating the ladder from the surface in contact.

LadderGuardstm are a simple solution to the hazards and limitations of using contemporary aluminum rail ladders.