Hach Portable



Hach Company wanted to market a portable incubator unit for field biological research. A tool usually designed for lab usage, a portable incubator introduces serveral additional design requirements.


Create a portable field incubator that retains lab-grade functionality while facilitating mobile utilization with as many road-friendly features as feasable.


The Hach Portable Incubator is a breakthrough in field biology equipment. It's combination of features place it ahead of the curve in terms of performance.

LIGHT-WEIGHT PLASTIC CARRYING CASE gives the Hach incubator the mobility and ease of transport to be a truely functional portable device

MULTIPLE POWER SOURCES, from the 12v battery, to the solar panel and the car power adapter, this unit is replete with power options.

LOCKING SAMPLE TRAYS, with seperate, interchangable petri dish and fermentation tube inserts allow secure, organized transportation of samples.

DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL eliminates the need for themometers.

The Hach Portable Incubator is the most viable solution for mobile biology available today.