The process of design requires just as much innovation and creative thought as the concept phase of product development. The capabilities of Research Technologies extend beyond the concept to the design and production of the product, so while we are visualizing a solution to your problem, we are also thinking about how to build it.

The most efficient way to solve technical problems is a process of conceptualization, design, prototyping and production. We don?t promote this technique because it sounds good, or makes customers feel secure, we advocate it because we use it ourselves. Research Technologies has learned from our own internal production experience, as well as from our experience with dozens of customer projects, that this method is the most efficient way to move from idea to product. We have hands-on direct knowledge of the production cycle, and can bring this valuable experience to your next project.

One of our advantages is the diversity of our technical expertise, which allows us to internally address all aspects of technical design. In-house we have industrial designers, electrical and mechanical engineers, PCB designers, manufacturing and materials engineers, and software designers; all ready to apply their skills towards the task of efficiently creating a real world solution to your problem. We have experts from such differing disciplines so that we can collaboratively design elegant solutions that don't have to sacrifice efficiency for functionality. With this set of skills almost any problem can be addressed in-house for turnkey answers to our customers needs, delivered on a timely basis.