ChiefEye Compact

Laser Scanner

  • Problem:

Chief Automotive wanted a new measurement system for automobile frame alignment. They needed a system that was easier to utilize and setup in the shop environment, provided a higher level of resolution, sample rate, and unsurpassed precision. In addition the total cost of the system needed to be reduced.

  • Task:

To design, develop, and produce an measurement system which would:

- Increase the alignment precision of the measurement process.

- Significantly reduce labor hours for automobile alignment operations.

- Measure all of the alignment points on an automobile frame simultaneously.

- Meet cost and ease of use limitations.

  • Solution:

Research Technologies, designed a new laser alignment system called the Velocity Scanner to meet all design criteria.

Advantages of this system include:

IMPROVED QUALITY due to higher precision in alignment, as the constraints of a physical contact measurement system are eliminated.

COST SAVINGS are realized by reducing the man-hours and time spent on the alignment process, reducing labor costs and overhead.

SPEED IMPROVEMENT over contact measurement systems is substantial. The Velocity can measure more points at once than any other measuring system on the market., up to 25 simultaneously. Techs can measure the entire vehicle at once.

FLEXIBILITY is inherent in the new non-contact system, because the Velocity can measure anything from the smallest compact car to the biggest sport utility vehicle. In addition, the scanner can be placed anywhere under the vehicle - in the front, in the center or behind it. No matter where you place it, the Velocity will make correct measurements.